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2-hour Paediatric First Aid course for Parents

This course is aimed at parents, who want to understand how to deal with emergency situations that may occur with infants and children. 


It covers:

  • Basic Life Support, including CPR resuscitation

  • Recovery position

  • Choking hazards, including back slaps and abdominal and chest thrusts.

  • Faints

  • Shock

  • Febrile convulsions

  • Burns

  • Head injuries

  • Bleeding and wounds

  • Dislocations and Sprains

  • Fractures


Price is £100.00 per couple and only run as a private course due to Covid19 social distancing measures. 

This includes a FREE manikin face shield and non latex gloves to protect you from germs during CPR section.

Or as a private group course for NCT groups or groups of friends. Cost is £200 for up to 20 people in 1 session in a socially distanced environment e.g Garden, Park or Large Conservatory with open doors. If the course is split into 2 sessions due to large numbers and space then cost is £150 per 2 hour session. 


 Following guidance from my First Aid awarding body and the British Resuscitation council, I have incorporated all Covid 19 guidance for everyone's safety.  


And Chillax, Paediatric First Aid Training Courses
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