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First Aid Courses

First Aid  is a fantastic skill to have. The main aims of providing First Aid is to preserve life, stop a conditioning from worsening and promote recovery until expert medical is sought. Offering you peace of mind.

I am an Ofsted and HSE compliant First Aid Instructor offering a full range of professional First Aid accredited courses. My Awarding body is Aid Training and Operations Ltd and we use the same Quality Assurance Standards as St John's Ambulance for all our courses. 

I also teach 2 hour basic First Aid courses to parents to give them the confidence and skills to deal with emergencies that may occur with infants (0-1 year) and children 1 year - Puberty). 

I am also a First Aid instructor for leading antenatal provider Bump & Baby Club. Here is an interview I did for them a couple of years ago. I have now been with them for 6 years. Click to read more 



Paediatric First Aid for Professionals

6 hour Paediatric First Aid course (classroom based)

12 hour Paediatric First Aid course

(50% online and 50% classroom based)

First Aid for Schools course (6 hour classroom based)

Anaphylaxis course (1.5 hour classroom based)

Adult First Aid for Professionals



1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course (classroom based)

2 day First Aid at Work course  50% online and 50% classroom based)

3 day First Aid at Work course

(25% online and 75% classroom based)

Anaphylaxis course 1.5 hour classroom based)


Parent First Aid Courses

Online 1 hour Parent First Aid course

2 hour Parent First Aid course (classroom based)

Anaphylaxis Course (1.5 hour classroom based)

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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