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Online basic Baby and Child First Aid course - 2 hour course via Blossom Antenatal

This Online course is aimed at parents, who want to understand how to deal with emergency situations that may occur with infants and children. 

In this course as it is offered by Zoom you will have the opportunity to ask questions on any first aid topic, along with practical demonstrations of the following.

  • How to treat an unconscious breathing baby or child and an explanation of the Recovery position.

  • How to perform CPR for a baby or child and when you need to use it?

  • How to apply a dressing to a wound?

  • How to deal with a burn?

  • Temperatures and Febrile seizures and what to do?

  • Signs and symptoms of Meningitis. 


Price is £20.00 please book via Blossom Antenatal

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