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London, England

Baby Massage

I am fully insured and accredited by the Royal College of Midwives in Baby Massage. I ensure all my classes are informal, safe, fun, informative and relaxing for both you and your baby, which is why they are completely ‘baby led’. If you need to feed your baby, change or comfort them you do what you need to do, as I provide handouts and recap each week. The course is 4 classes and includes oil and handouts.

Why it's good for Mums & Babies

‘And Chillax for Babies’ are private group  Baby Massage classes run in South East London for new mums or even second or more time mums who want to learn how to massage their babies safely whilst bonding with them so beautifully through touch. This course is suitable for NCT groups or groups of friends to arrange in your home, you can even alternate hosting the course each week.

Baby Massage is also recommended for Post Natal Depression as it reduces stress hormones which help to alleviate depression and supports the bonding process. Due to my health background, I have a good understanding of PND and support mums fully during classes. 

To book a course you need a lounge big enough for all the mums and babies. I am willing to travel out of the area for these classes. Advance bookings only.

Why its good for Dads & Babies

Being a new dad can be daunting. You are suddenly responsible for this little being and you are not even sure how to hold them? Baby Massage is a fantastic way to gain your confidence with your baby, to bond with them and have some of your own quality time together. Dads often miss out on various classes and this is an exceptionally good class to take together with your baby. (Available as a 1:1 class or a  2:1 if you would like to involve mum in the class as well and learn together with your baby. (Available weekends in the comfort of your own home) Advance bookings only.

For group classes 4 weeks, 4 classes £53.50 per person, (including oil and handouts)


For 1:1 or 2:1 classes 3 weeks, 3 classes £100.00 (including oil and handouts)


Good for: Promoting Bonding / Relieves Constipation, Colic, Cramps, Teething, Pains, Mucus & Congestion / Stimulates muscle development, circulatory system, respiratory system & the immune system